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Yellow Vests & Facial Recognition Cameras…a Clif High Webbot Hit!! (Bix Weir)

The Jewish push to destroy western society by imposing mass emigration – Multiculturalism – But only for the Goy

‘The war on the people is not always done with tanks and guns.’ – Seven

BBC – You will never trust anything they show you again.


Stupid bailiff gets mad at being recorded

French riots – update – THEY do not want you to know this!

Phil Stone says… Its the Zionist plan to create chaos and disharmony – divide and conquer

One Man With a Camera Is Blistering the Entire Corporate Media Oligarchy!

The Black Sky – Space Lie; such a nice TRY!

Watch this Man Get Stitched up on Camera by a Vindictive Cop

BREAKING!!! Irrefutable Proof the Moon Landing Was Faked!!!

Israel runs Anglo-Irish child abuse rings

In the previous post, “All Roads Lead to Tavistock”, we saw how individuals whose names arise in investigations of organised VIP paedophilia and child trafficking (for example Nick Ross, Dame Esther Rantzen, Rolf Harris, Derek Laud, Dame Margaret Hodge and Sir Cliff Richard) have, or had, significant links to the Tavistock Institute and its partners and …

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David Icke Talks About The French Protests

Run FRACKER, Run FRACKER, Run Run Run ….

Reporters: What do France’s ‘Yellow Vest’ protesters want?

Phil Stone says… France The water is not artificially fluoridated.

George Galloway RIPS the BBC to SHREDS

Phil Stone says… France The water is not artificially fluoridated.

YouTube Edits Word Out of Live-stream?

“It’s The Worst Deal in History” Brexiteers DESTROY Theresa May’s Brexit deal


5g Dangers Israel Not Using 5g For a Good Reason! Learn Why Here

The Myth of Western Democracy

‘until the conquered peoples of Europe kill the police, ….and kill the corrupt politicians who have sold them out, the peoples of Europe will remain a conquered and oppressed peoples.’ PCR. I guess hate can grow this strong but you know PCR, we do not want to become what we fight. We are not murderers …

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David Icke December 17 2018 – Israel The Reality And The Bullshit

“Wake Up!” Italian MEP REDPILLS EU Lawmakers + +

The EU-Irish Conspiracy Against Brexit Exposed in revealing speech

Nigel Farage just gave an OUTSTANDING Speech on Brexit, Gets a Standing Ovation

clif high – Major Anouncement, Changes on the Earth Like You’ve Never Seen – Live 2pm Mtn

Our Amorphous-Crystalline-Electric Sun & Sky – MUST SEE!

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