Video: Inmates at Correctional Facility Grow 5 Tons of Food for Less Fortunate




UK campaigners plan to close Israeli arms factory on Gaza war anniversary

by Michael Deas

By maintaining its arms trade with Israel, the UK government is providing political and material support for Israel’s war crimes.
Protest at UK arms factory

At the height of Israel’s attack on Gaza in summer 2014, nine members of the London Palestine Action network occupied the roof of the Shenstone factory, closing it for two days.

GROUPS ACROSS the UK are gearing up for a major mobilization aimed at halting production at a factory owned by Elbit Systems, Israel’s biggest military company.

The UAV Engines Limited factory in Shenstone, a 40-minute drive north of Birmingham, makes engines for drones.

The action will take place on 6 July and is timed to coincide with the anniversary of the start of Israel’s massacre of Palestinians in Gaza last year, which began on 7 July.

More than 20 groups are jointly organizing the action, including Campaign Against Arms Trade, the Boycott Israel Network, the National Union of Students Black Students Campaign, Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign, London Palestine Action and War on Want.

The groups say they are planning to “transform the space around the arms factory, converting it from a site of destruction into a fun, creative and child-friendly environment.”

“Let’s create a space that meets our needs and not the needs of Israeli and multinational corporations that export death for profit,” the call out continues.




Boycott Israel

“Kill Anything”: Israeli Soldiers Say Gaza Atrocities Came from Orders for Indiscriminate Fire



New Zealand just made animal testing illegal, punishable by 5 years in prison or a $500,000 fine

1_animal-testing-new-zealandby Zoe Melnyk

New Zealand recently passed a bill banning animal testing and other types of animal cruelty. Talk of banning animal testing around the world has posed as a controversial debate for decades between two different interpretations of the words “mankind was delegated to have dominion over the animals.” On one hand are cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies who believe that animals should be surrogates for human suffering, and on the other are those who realize that humans have the responsibility to protect the freedom and safety of anything living that cannot speak for itself.

According to an article from Humane Society International, there’s an estimated 115 million animals that are used for testing and research purposes globally each year. This includes placing animals under physical pain and distress, with results that may or may not be applicable to people. The regulations on animal testing are also blurry and undefined, so the exact number of animals and the experiments used are oftentimes unknown and undocumented.




Amy’s Kitchen To Launch FIRST Organic Drive-Thru Restaurant

The first all-vegetarian drive-thru plans to open later this month in California.

amyFans of Amy’s Kitchen – a well-known vegetarian frozen food chain – will be pleased to know that the company is planning on opening the world’s first all-vegetarian drive-thru later this month.

“Everybody said we couldn’t do it,” said Andy Berliner, Amy’s Kitchen co-founder. “But we set up a test kitchen in our warehouse space and did it. We learned how to do it from scratch very quickly.” 

Such is definitely a sign of the changing times. Although fast food companies and Pepsi can make fun of health-conscious eaters, the fact-of-the-matter is that making ‘food one’s medicine’ is a priority all people need to take more seriously.

The menu for the drive thru will include gluten and dairy-free meals like tortillas, pizzas (in a rice or wheat crust), and burgers, all vegetarian and all cooked to order with fresh ingredients. Their first

location – as one can only assume this will take off in be in high demand elsewhere – will be located in Rohnert Park, California near the company’s Petaluma headquarters.




Big Food: Kicking, Screaming, and Losing Lots of Money

by Daisy Luther
A red flag sign of an emotionally abusive relationship is when the abuser goes to great lengths to make the abused party seem “crazy” or “ridiculous.” This is actually just an attempt to maintain power in the relationship and the behavior worsens when they sense that their victim is breaking free. They humiliate, demean, and “tease” the victim in an effort to remain in control.  This is the classic pattern of a bully, whether it’s in a romantic relationship, a workplace relationship, or a parent/child relationship.

Apparently this is also how a dying multi-billion dollar industry behaves in an attempt to shame the fleeing customers.

Apparently this is also how a dying multi-billion dollar industry behaves in an attempt to shame the fleeing customers.

Here’s Exhibit A, from Pepsi:

This is just the most recent evidence of a trend mocking those who avoid putting processed garbage into their bodies in attempt to do some damage control.




West African Country Ditches Monsanto’s GMO Cotton & Demands Compensation

ripe cotton in field ready for harvest

ripe cotton in field ready for harvest

After the West African country of Burkina Faso tried out Monsanto’s GM cotton and experienced only “disappointing yields and poor quality cotton fiber,” the country decided to ditch it for good. 

As reported in Jeune Afrique, Interprofessional Cotton in Burkina Faso has decided to phase out the use of Monsanto’s GMO cotton seeds over the next three years. This is a group of cotton farmers, banks, research institutions, private stakeholders and the government.

But be aware, it isn’t just the cotton farmers are complaining about.

Members of Interprofessional Cotton include the Société burkinabè des fibres textiles (Sofitex), Faso Coton, and the Société cotonnière du Gourma (Socoma, subsidiary of the French group Geocoton).

All have complained that Monsanto’s GM cotton did not produce quality cotton fiber, and farmers have experienced lower yields than with non-GM cotton. In effect, the groups seek compensation from Monsanto for lower yields they experienced since the 2008 growing season.

Denouncing its contract, this group is done with Monsanto due to the lower quality performance of the GM cotton and lower yields.




Hayden Hewitt: “Highly Successful People Have Traits Of Psychopathy In A Cesspit Like Government”



4 non blondes – What’s Up



German Television Exposes Holocaust Lies: Historic Broadcast Shocks Germany

abt216In one of the most amazing events to occur in occupied Germany since the second world war Historian Ursula Haverbeck made history in a defiant interview in which she openly trashed the very basis of the lie upon which all modern European social democratic states have been built. The elderly historian, brought into question the moral integrity of all Western political parties and academic institutions, exposing the official account of the second world war and the Holocaust for the lie it was on a television station which is the second largest in the world after Britain’s BBC.

Millions of surprised Germans sat on the edges of their sofas and gasped as for the first time in their lives the truth about the second world war was brought into their living rooms as the second largest broadcaster in the world took the risk of being shut down for the illegal offense of transmitting Holocaust denial by the criminal transnational Jewish financial occupation regime in Bonn.

ARD (full name: Arbeitsgemeinschaft der öffentlich-rechtlichen Rundfunkanstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland – Consortium of public broadcasters in Germany, details below at name) is a joint organization of Germany’s regional public-service broadcasters. It was founded in 1950 in West Germany to represent the common interests of the new, decentralized, post-war broadcasting services – in particular the introduction of a joint television network.


Bill Bard says:

Cat amongst the pigeons. Shit hitting the fan. Still get 5 years jail for denying the Zionist bastards are lying. The holocaust was a HOAX.



‘Unlawful Killing’ Princess Diana Banned Documentary 2011 (FULL)



FRACKtured Future – Ian R Crane – Crucial information



BBC Panorama: Promoting GMO and Cultivating Ignorance

By Colin Todhunter


“There is no global or regional shortage of food. There never has been and nor is there ever likely to be. India has a superabundance of food. South America is swamped in food. The US, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe are swamped in food (e.g. Billen et al 2011). In Britain, like in many wealthy countries, nearly half of all row crop food production now goes to biofuels… China isn’t quite swamped but it still exports food… No foodpocalypse there either.” Jonathon Latham

I wasn’t expecting much. So I wasn’t disappointed when I didn’t receive much. I’m talking about the BBC Panorama programme on GMOs that aired in the UK on Monday 8 June. The title of the programme was ‘GM Food – Cultivating Fear’. So it was pretty much clear what was to follow.

The programme began with the presenter Tom Heap asking: “Are groups that oppose GM right to be worried or are they feeding the fear?”

There was never any opening discussion about whether GMOs are even necessary. The programme appeared to buy into the calling card of the pro-GMO lobby that there is a crisis in food production and this technology can remedy it. As will be shown, this assumption is erroneous.

After basing the programme on the pro-GMO false narrative that the technology is necessary if we are to feed the world, the onus was then placed on opponents of GMOs to prove that they are unsafe or harmful to the environment. And that set the tone for the next 30 minutes as time and again opponents or critics of GMOs were dismissed for being ‘ideological’ and ‘immoral’ and for not having science on their side. It was predictable stuff that has become a pretty much standard response by the pro-GMO lobby when attacking its critics (see this). It was clear that in the view of Panorama the cultivation of fear by critics of GMOs was the main issue to be addressed.




British filmmakers want Israeli film festival banned

Several film makers including  Ken Loach, Mike Leigh and Peter Kominsky have urged the Curzon and Odeon Cinema and Bafta to stop screenings for an Israeli film festival that is set to open this week.

Seret 2015 is title of the Israeli Film and Television festival that is due to start in London this Thursday.

In their petition, more than 40 film makers and artists slammed British officials for giving the festival a platform.

“Israel is promoting this festival and supporting it financially. By hosting it, these cinemas are ignoring the 2004 call by Palestinian civil society for sanctions against Israel until it abides by international law and ends its illegal displacement of Palestinians, discrimination against them, and occupation of their land. By benefiting from money from Tel Aviv,  the cinemas become silent accomplices to the violence inflicted on the Palestinian people. Such collaboration and co-operation is unacceptable. It normalizes, even if unintentionally, the Israel’s violent, systematic and illegal oppression of the Palestinians,” the letter wrote.




No Legal Name


All Eyes on Jackson County Oregon as GMO Ban Survives Legal Challenge and Takes Effect

GMO-free-Jackson-County-bannerby Brian Shilhavy | Health Impact News

This past weekend (June 6, 2015) a historic ban on growing GMO crops went into effect in Jackson County, Oregon. The ban was the result of a ballot initiative in 2014, where citizens voted overwhelmingly to ban the growing of GMO crops in Jackson County, Oregon, by a 65.9% to 34.1% measure. This was seen as a significant victory, since the corporate opposition to the GMO ban spent over $1 million to try and defeat the measure.

Oregon is a major battleground in the U.S. over farming rights, and the problems of GMO contamination. The state of Oregon exports a large amount of their organic and non-GMO crops outside the U.S. to places in Asia, where countries like Japan and China either forbid or restrict the import of U.S. GMO crops. In 2013, when an Oregon farmer discovered unapproved GMO wheat in his field, presumably the result of field trials by Monsanto many years earlier, several countries banned the import of wheat from the U.S., bringing economic hardship on farmers in Oregon.




Israel’s Justice Minister Ayelet Shaked calls for boycott against nearly the entire world

Israeli Knesset Member Ayelet Shaked of the far-right Jewish Home party is seen on May 6, 2015 during the negotiation with the Likud at the parliament in Jerusalem. Israel said May 11, it would assign a protection detail to Shaked who is slated to become justice minister after she received death threats. News of her expected appointment sparked a furious response with the Palestinians denouncing her as an extremist who "advocated genocide". AFP PHOTO/GALI TIBBON

Israeli Knesset Member Ayelet Shaked of the far-right Jewish Home party is seen on May 6, 2015 during the negotiation with the Likud at the parliament in Jerusalem. Israel said May 11, it would assign a protection detail to Shaked who is slated to become justice minister after she received death threats. News of her expected appointment sparked a furious response with the Palestinians denouncing her as an extremist who “advocated genocide”. AFP PHOTO/GALI TIBBON

Israel’s Minister of Justice Ayelet Shaked, a well-known far-right Israeli politician who has made controversial remarks about Palestinians, such as labeling them all terrorists and wishing death to all Palestinian mothers, has called on Israelis to boycott anyone that boycotts Israel.

Shaked said that in return to the groups boycotting Israel for its human rights violations against Palestinians, Israel should “boycott whoever boycotts us,” during her speech in the Knesset on June 3.

Shaked’s hard-liner has sparked criticism among the country’s opposition, blaming Israel’s isolation and the boycotts on specifically Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s right-wing government policies. The opposition claims that Israel is not innocent and that the so-called anti-Semite movements are not solely against Israelis for being Jewish. The reasons for boycotting are not baseless, particularly when it comes to the continued construction of new settlements in the occupied territories, the siege on Gaza and turning it to an open-air-prison, killing Palestinian civilians and destroying their houses, the opposition adds.



Steve Says…

Great, boycotted by the lying, cheating, child murdering, racist filth that is Zionist Israel – hooray 😉



Nazi sympathiser and former King the Duke of Windsor ‘wanted England to be bombed’, international archives reveal

nastiesThe Duke of Windsor was forced to abdicate in 1936

by Kashmira Gander

The Duke of Windsor, who is widely regarded as a Nazi sympathiser, once argued that bombing England could bring peace by ending WWII, it has emerged.

Correspondence kept in the Royal Archives between the British royal family and their German relatives in the run up to WWII remains confidential.

However, information pieced together from open archives across 30 countries, including Germany, Spain and Russia, has revealed the close relationship some members of the European aristocracy had with the Nazis.

Dr Karina Urbach, senior research fellow at the Institute of Historical Research at the School of Advance Study at the University of London, has uncovered how the Duke of Windsor told Don Javier Bermejillo, his old friend and Spanish diplomat, that the British royal blamed “the Jews, the Reds and the Foreign Office for the war”.

Writing for The Conversation, Dr Urbach explained how Windsor told Bermejillo on 25 June 1940 that “if one bombed England effectively this could bring peace.




American police praised for restraint after failing to shoot black children at party [Satire]

Dallas police are today being praised for their restraint after being filmed not shooting any unarmed black children at a party.

us-police-shootings-smallOfficers restricted themselves to assaulting and restraining a 15-year-old in a bikini who was ‘clearly an immediate threat’.

Police had been called to the party after an argument broke out and resolved the situation with no fatalities and minimal injuries to the minors in attendance.

The restrained and calm intervention was filmed by a white male partygoer, who was not struck at any point in the proceedings.

“This is a great day for American policing”, said a spokesman in praise of officers.

“Despite being confronted by several unhappy, semi-nude black children, officers showed great restraint in only threatening them with a firearm.”

“At no point was a firearm discharged in the general direction of a black child. Nobody was killed. We repeat, nobody was killed. God bless America.”

Reports suggest a new medal is to be struck, which will be awarded to officers who don’t kill any unarmed children in any given month.

In response to events, the NRA proposed the introduction of armed Federal Party Marshals.

These armed, grown men would attend teenage parties and stand glowering in the corner ‘to ensure things don’t get out of hand’.




The Truman Show, Facebook, The Social Network: life under a dome

by Jon Rappoport

Under-The-Dome-Dome-Over-The-Town“Huxley’s Brave New World trumps Orwell’s 1984, because it posits pleasure as the ultimate control device. Genetic and pharmaceutical innovators will engineer brains along a narrow bounded channel of satisfaction. Brave New World is a countrified suburb of the mind. Accept all the feedback signals and you’ll have your miniature package of ‘life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness’. You’ll have the outcome, as if you’d done something to gain it, when in fact no effort was necessary. Skip right to the end of the story. You’re already under the dome. There was no story.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

The 1998 film, The Truman Show, presents a character, Truman Burbank, who unknowingly stars in a 30-year soap opera/reality show about his own life, under a giant dome whose boundaries are hidden from him. The show is broadcast to a global audience of billions.

The fake town Truman lives in, Seahaven, is populated by a massive number of actors playing real people. Seahaven’s creator, director, executive producer, and god, Christof (“Cue the sun”), is convinced that the deception is benign, because Truman’s life in the synthetic town is far happier than anything he could find in the real world, a “sick place.”

As Truman begins to suspect he’s existing in an elaborate set, a movement arises, among the show’s audience, who avidly root for him to escape. That becomes the hook. That becomes the primary item of suspense and tension.

Watching the film, we see the false reality and the viewing audience hoping for Truman’s liberation.




Now the truth emerges: how the US fuelled the rise of Isis in Syria and Iraq

Isis and its monstrosities won’t be defeated by the same powers that brought it to Iraq and Syria in the first place, says Seumas Milne.

isis_in_red_460THE WAR on terror, that campaign without end launched 14 years ago by George Bush, is tying itself up in ever more grotesque contortions. On Monday the trial in London of a Swedish man, Bherlin Gildo, accused of terrorism in Syria, collapsed after it became clear British intelligence had been arming the same rebel groups the defendant was charged with supporting.

The prosecution abandoned the case, apparently to avoid embarrassing the intelligence services. The defence argued that going ahead withthe trial would have been an “affront to justice” when there was plenty of evidence the British state was itself providing “extensive support” to the armed Syrian opposition.

That didn’t only include the “non-lethal assistance” boasted of by the government (including body armour and military vehicles), but training, logistical support and the secret supply of “arms on a massive scale”. Reports were cited that MI6 had cooperated with the CIA on a “rat line” of arms transfers from Libyan stockpiles to the Syrian rebels in 2012 after the fall of the Gaddafi regime.




Swiss Supermarkets Stop Sale of Monsanto’s Glyphosate Due to Cancer Link

Everyone is refusing Monsanto’s Roundup

pesticides_field_machines_735_350-22by Christina Sarich

It’s no wonder Monsanto asked the WHO for a retraction when a group of their appointed scientists called the main chemical in Roundup, glyphosate, ‘probably carcinogenic.’ The fallout was and is immense. Now, two Swiss supermarket chains are ditching the biotech chemicals due to health concerns.

Coop and Migros have each announced that they will no longer sell products that contain glyphosate and will be exploring non-toxic weed killing alternatives.

Coop stated in a press release that:

“Even if the (Swiss) Federal Office for Agriculture (BLW) judges glyphosate can continue to be sold without a health hazard for the population, we decided on Monday, May 18th to no longer sell any glyphosate-based products in Coop supermarkets and Coop Building & Hobby hardware stores.” 

The store is being proactive:

“…we don’t sell the concentrate, but only a very diluted form, the ready-made products. These concentrations are up to 48 times lower than the range used in agricultural products.”

Migros joins Coop in halting the sales of glyphosate-containing products. A spokesperson said that they would begin immediately to remove the products from their shelves.

These Swiss companies’ act follows that of the German giant retailer REWE Group who decided to remove glyphosate herbicides from their 350 ‘toom Baumarkt DIY’ stores in September.




Gardasil Survivors in Ireland Launch Support Group

gardasilThe R.E.G.R.E.T. Support Group was launched recently in Ireland by parents of chronically ill teenage girls.  These parents blame an injection the girls received at school as the cause of their daughters’ illness. The drug in question is called Gardasil and is being marketed as an anti-cancer vaccine. R.E.G.R.E.T. is an acronym for “Reactions and Effects of Gardasil Resulting in Extreme Trauma”.

Members of ten families from all over the country came together to share experiences and express their exasperation at the inability of health authorities to recognise the pattern of serious adverse reactions being suffered by children who, up until receiving the Gardasil injection, enjoyed an active healthy lifestyle. One of the main complaints raised at the meeting was that the information provided by the HSE (as part of the ‘informed consent’ process) is extremely misleading, particularly with regard to how safe the vaccine is.

A high incidence of serious reactions have been reported in the U.S ever since Gardasil was released there in 2006. Even the drug manufacturer’s own clinical trials reveal a 1 in 40 (2.5%) incidence of a serious adverse reaction*, yet Irish parents are still told by the HSE that Gardasil is ‘very safe’.




Leading Psychiatrist Says it’s Time to Reclassify Psychedelics

by Faye Sakellaridis

1433236512497.cachedA leading psychiatrist in London says it’s time to reclassify psychedelic drugs and properly acknowledge their value in treating mental illness.

via The Daily Beast:

A leading psychiatrist has called for the reclassification of magic mushrooms, LSD, and other psychedelic drugs on the grounds they could be crucial in treating mental health problems.

James Rucker, honorary lecturer at King’s College London’s Institute of Psychiatry, proposed that legal restrictions on the use of such substances be lifted and used to aid ailments such as anxiety and addiction.

Such drugs “were extensively used and researched in clinical psychiatry” during the ’50s and ’60s, Rucker wrote in the British Medical Journal, but were prohibited in 1967 following fears that they were causing psychological harm—in spite of medical evidence to the contrary. But more than two decades after they were classified as Schedule 1, materials in accordance with the United Nations Convention on Psychotropic Substances, the U.S.’s war on drugs was revealed to be little more than fear mongering.

In 1992, John Ehrlichman, former assistant to Richard Nixon, admitted that the administration had stoked misgivings about the harmful effects of drugs and exploited the public’s lack of awareness for their own political gain—a move which means, 50 years later, psychedelics face more restrictions than heroin and cocaine.

“Hundreds of papers, involving tens of thousands of patients, presented evidence for their use as psychotherapeutic catalysts of mentally beneficial change in many psychiatric disorders, problems of personality development, recidivistic behaviour, and existential anxiety,” Rucker says of the drugs’ medical history. “No evidence shows that psychedelic drugs are habit forming; little evidence shows that they are harmful in controlled settings; and much historical evidence has shown that they could have use in common psychiatric disorders.”




‘We Are Many’ is the Story of Bush and Blair’s Great Lie that Led to the War on Iraq

By Lana Asfour | AlJazerra

“We Are Many” is a film that reminds us exactly why Bush, Blair, and others in their administrations should stand trial for the war on Iraq. Through interviews with an impressive array of politicians, international lawyers, anti-war activists, journalists, former allied service members and a host of high-profile figures and celebrities, Amirani’s new documentary film tells the story of Bush and Blair’s great lie, reminding its viewers of the disaster unleashed on the Middle East that is reverberating still. (Image: ‘We Are Many’)

“We Are Many” is a film that reminds us exactly why Bush, Blair, and others in their administrations should stand trial for the war on Iraq. Through interviews with an impressive array of politicians, international lawyers, anti-war activists, journalists, former allied service members and a host of high-profile figures and celebrities, Amirani’s new documentary film tells the story of Bush and Blair’s great lie, reminding its viewers of the disaster unleashed on the Middle East that is reverberating still. (Image: ‘We Are Many’)

Tony Blair’s not entirely unexpected resignation from his job as Middle East peace envoy last month – and the ensuing Twitter jokes about it – coincide with the UK release of a documentary film that firmly puts him and George W Bush at the centre of this century’s Middle East disasters.

Amir Amirani’s We Are Many, released in the UK and screened at the Hay Festival last week, tells us the story of how we went to war in Iraq, and simultaneously celebrates the biggest international anti-war demonstrations ever seen.

On February 15, 2003, millions of people in around 60 countries and over 800 cities marched in a coordinated effort to stop the impending war on Iraq. It was the biggest demonstration ever seen in London, with 1.5 million, in Madrid with 1.5 million, and in Rome with 3 million.

Despite this, the US, UK and their allies invaded Iraq in March 2003, three weeks before Hans Blix, head of the weapons inspections mission in Iraq, had been allowed to finish his job and fully confirm that Saddam Hussein was not hiding weapons of mass destruction.

Bush and Blair did not want Blix to finish his job, and they certainly did not care about the massive, democratic peace protests. What they wanted was to wage a war on Iraq in order to control its oil reserves, at any cost.



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