Florida Court Rules ”Off Grid” Living Illegal

By Joshua Krause

solar-panels-wikimediaRobin Speronis had been living in an off-grid home for many years without incident, until she was interviewed by a local FOX affiliate in November of 2013. Shortly thereafter, the city of Cape Coral tagged a “notice to vacate” on her property, due to multiple code violations, all of which stem from the fact that her home isn’t connected to water, sewage, or the electrical grid.

The city has tried to argue that she is in violation of the International Property Maintenance Code for relying on rainwater and solar panels, instead of utilities.

Since that time, Speronis has been fighting the courts for her right live off the grid. Magistrate Harold Eskins recently ruled that she can live without using water or electricity, but she still has to be connected to these utilities no matter what.

Despite his ruling, Eskins admitted to the press that the code may be unfair, “Reasonableness and code requirements don’t always go hand-in-hand.” Despite his supposed sympathies, he still feels compelled to enforce the code.




The Queen Owns Every Dolphin In Britain… And Other Royal Atrocities


by John Vibes

The Business Insider published an interesting report this week highlighting some of the strange powers that Queen Elizabeth II has, although the royal family is presented as a purely ceremonial elite with no actual political power.

Among many strange powers, the report revealed that the queen owns “all unmarked swans in open water” as well as all the sturgeons, whales, and dolphins. These ordinances bear a grim similarity to how the Sherif of Nottingham owned all of the deer in Nottingham Forrest in the ancient tale of Robin Hood.

According to an article in Time, although this statute dates back to 1324 it “is still valid today, and sturgeons, porpoises, whales, and dolphins are recognised as ‘fishes royal’: when they are captured within 3 miles (about 5 km) of UK shores or wash ashore, they may be claimed on behalf of the Crown. Generally, when brought into port, a sturgeon is sold in the usual way, and the purchaser, as a gesture of loyalty, requests the honour of its being accepted by Elizabeth.”

Hundreds of years ago, the royalty of Great Britain were hell bent on world domination, like many other European nations at the time. After centuries of violence and conquest the British royalty were able to dominate most of the world through political and military force. It was said that “the sun never set on the British Empire” because there were so many areas throughout the world which the British had colonized that it was always daytime somewhere in an occupied territory of Britain. Even today the Queen of England’s real estate takes up 1/6 of the earth’s surface! That’s one family owning more than a quarter of all the land in the world while 85% of the human race owns no land at all! This is not what humanity is about, something is horribly wrong with this situation. The royal family may have the lion’s share of land to their name, but other elite families also have a large wealth of stolen property as well, which they have acquired through generations of conquest and protected using their phony environmental organizations.



CNN & BBC Busted

Shocking proof that crisis actors, green screens, CGI, and paid propagandist are being used to fake worldwide events in order to scare people into giving up liberties, go to war, and create a one world government.


Why do we have wars



Anti-Zionist protesters block Israel Day parade in New York City


Anti-Israeli protesters have blocked the way of pro-Israel participants on the annual Israel Day Parade in New York, chanting slogans and calling for the dismantlement of the Zionist regime.

The protest took place when pro-Israeli marchers were parading down Fifth Avenue to celebrate the annual ceremony on Sunday.

Orthodox Jews, who do not believe in the existence of Tel Aviv regime, blocked their way despite tight police security for the parade.

The parade that has annually been held in New York since 1964, was met by New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Mayor Bill de Blasio and members of New York’s Congressional delegation as well as those of the Israeli parliament, the Knesset.

Human rights monitor Amnesty International said earlier this year that the Israeli regime committed war crimes during the latest war on the besieged Gaza Strip.

Over 2,140 Palestinians, including a large number of women, children, and the elderly, were killed in the 50 days of the Israeli onslaught on Gaza, which began early in July 2014.




Germen FM calls for removal of Gaza blockade


German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier (C) looks on during a press conference at the sea port in Gaza City

German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier has called for the removal of Israel’s eight-year-long blockade on the Gaza Strip.

More action to rebuild and improve Gaza’s troubled economy “requires the opening of crossing points,” said Steinmeier during a rare visit to Gaza on Monday.

Removing the blockade will also decrease the risk of renewed escalation in the region, he noted.

“The troubled situation in Gaza demands of us to think about concrete steps to improve daily life there — without which, I am afraid, the situation is escalating,” he added.




Organic Hierarchy – And Dark Side Deception

as_above_so_belowby Julian Rose

‘In order to fully understand why the Illuminati master plan is so effective, we must first recognise that it is modeled upon the divine master plan…aping the divine evolutionary blue print. And in doing this – it provides an almost perfect false-alibi to the population of the planet.’

According to the wisdom ‘As Above – So Below’ we can ascertain that a common principle and order apply to both the workings of this planet and to the cosmos. If so, we can surmise that, in their innocent forms, both work to a common – and essentially hierarchical principle.

Do we accept the existence of such an order? Or is it so tainted here on Earth that the very word ‘hierarchy’ automatically raises the hackles of controversy?

I would suggest that it is not a question of ostracising hierarchy per se – but of exploring whether a ‘natural hierarchical principle’ emerges on Earth, as an organic expression of ‘as above so below.’

From the Earthly perspective, gaining a foothold on the cosmic ladder requires a degree of conscious awareness. This becomes a more decisive factor when determining the qualities that are required to attain, for example, the status of ‘a true teacher’.

That same status might also indicate having the wisdom and ability ‘to govern’. If so, we are starting to recognise what might be the critical foundation stones of a society which could ultimately replace the quasi-democratic mess we live in today.

There are no doubt many levels that make up the moving stairway to full conscious awareness; thus many roles to fill on the journey of aspiration towards the Supreme. A society which embraces this form of aspirational governance will offer countless rungs of ‘employment’ for its people, each reflecting and drawing-out, the actual talents and creative abilities each individual possesses.

Here we move far beyond the modern day pseudo-democratic experiment in which individual aspiration is honoured to the degree that it devotes itself to the acquisition of wealth, prestige and a well-honed ability ‘to play the game’. A game which the status quo has set-up in order to maintain its entirely false hierarchical ambitions.

However, the idea of establishing a hierarchy here on Earth is likely to have its origins in an attempt to mirror the universal model. That is why the wisdom of the phrase ‘as above so below’ carries such a particular significance.

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Fabrication in BBC Panorama ‘Saving Syria’s Children’ – BBC: “no reason why” audience should be told footage was changed; BBC News “under no obligation” to reveal source of substituted images


Further information here. (I have not made this material available to Mr Tregear). 

From: Robert Stuart
To: Colin Tregear
Subject: RE: ECU Email (26 May)
Date: Mon, 1 Jun 2015 08:53:22 +0000

Dear Mr Tregear

Thank you for your response of 26 May 2015 (attached).

You state:

“The other issues you have mentioned do not raise a potential breach of the BBC’s editorial standards”.

Please could you clarify which issues you are referring to and where I have mentioned them?

I attach my stage 1b complaint letter of 5 November 2014 and my initial complaint of 10 September 2014 (submitted via the BBC Complaints webform). These represent my only substantive communication with the BBC on this subject to date and both were solely concerned with the breach of BBC editorial guidelines represented by the substitution of footage between the 29 August 2014 Newsnight and the 30 August 2014 BBC News Channel broadcast ‘Syria Vote: One Year On’.

You continue:

“You have been given an explanation as to why the footage was changed; there is no reason why the audience should be made aware that any such editing has taken place; and BBC News is under no obligation to tell you the source of the substituted images which were broadcast.”

I find these remarks astonishing.

Thank you for your offer of advice re: lodging a complaint over the delay in responding to my stage 1b complaint, which I accept.

I shall write to you again by 16 June.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Stuart


 Email Response from the BBC…

BBC: “no formal policy which obliges BBC News to inform viewers that footage has been changed or to confirm when asked the source of material used”

I have received this response from Colin Tregear, Complaints Director, BBC Editorial Complaints Unit, to my email of the same day.

Robert Stuart

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