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Break Down: NASA Leaked Documents: Fake Space Tether System & 3D Holographic Projection Plate System


Judicial Watch IN COURT THIS MORNING for Hillary Clinton’s Testimony on Email Scandal


Flat Earth Fully Explained



The Island …Exposing the Pedo’s

  Jamie Dlux

Jeffrey Epstein Flight Logs… by on Scribd


Trump, The Deep State, & World Events – David Icke On Mainstream Danish Radio


NatWest tells landlord to evict tenant on benefits or pay £2.5k in ERCs

NatWest tells landlord to evict tenant on benefits or pay £2.5k in ERCs
State-backed lender NatWest told one of its landlord customers to throw out a vulnerable tenant claiming housing benefits or stump up thousands of pounds in early repayment charges and find another lender – after digital broker Habito admitted incorrectly advising the customer.


Helena McAleer was reduced to tears after NatWest said she had breached her mortgage terms by letting her two-bedroom property in Belfast to a tenant in receipt of support from the state.

The 35-year-old was given the stark ultimatum of making her tenant homeless or footing a £2,500 bill to leave the NatWest deal, after asking for a further advance from the lender.

The tenant is an older woman, who suffers from mental health problems and would likely struggle with the moving process, according to McAleer.

She told Mortgage Solutions: “I was angry at the fact that another human being could ask me to kick out another human being.

“It was very black and white…  they don’t think about that person, you’re just an anonymised piece of data… that’s what hurt me, that’s not fair.”

She added: “[The tenant] is a vulnerable older lady, she has mental health issues; I’m not putting her out on the street.”


Couldn’t ask for a better tenant

The marketing innovation manager remortgaged to NatWest in January through broker Habito, providing information about her tenant’s situation to the digital adviser.

But when she approached NatWest about taking money out of the property to buy in London in September, the lender said it had not been disclosed that the tenant was in receipt of government support.

McAleer refused to remove the tenant and asked NatWest to reconsider.

The tenant has been in place since 2016 and is set to stay for the foreseeable future.

McAleer said: “I have no doubt the tenant will be there for many years which, as a landlord, is great to know.

“Long-term security and payments, I couldn’t ask for a better tenant.”

But NatWest said it would not change its stance.

A spokeswoman for the lender said: “The bank has specific lending criteria and is not able to offer mortgages in certain circumstances, including where the applicant or broker has advised they want to let the accommodation to Department of Social Security tenants.

“There are specialist providers who are better suited for customers in this circumstance.”

Habito admitted that it should not have advised McAleer to take out a deal with NatWest.

The digital broker is to pay any early repayment charges, as well as additional costs including new mortgage fees and charges.

A spokeswoman for Habito said: “We are aware of this issue and have been working with Ms McAleer to resolve it.

“We fully acknowledge that the buy-to-let mortgage product we initially advised her on was not appropriate, in light of Natwest’s policy on DSS tenants.

“With that, however, we are currently advising Ms McAleer on a remortgage and we will be bearing all the costs associated with it.

“Ms McAleer will not be financially impacted by this, nor will she need to make any changes relating to her current tenants.

“Great customer service is of the utmost importance to us at Habito and we look forward to resolving this matter swiftly and to Ms McAleer’s complete satisfaction.”



This is why you should be Dairy Free, and probably will be after you’ve seen this…

We should think hard about consuming the cow’s milk since; 1. NO OTHER animal species drinks the milk of another species and 2. NO OTHER species drinks milk after a very young age. Now the science not financed by the dairy industry is making it clear.

Human consumption of cow’s milk is very recent in human evolution. All science not financed by the dairy industry implicates dairy as horrible for human consumption. Big money is behind supporting dairy consumption. It is just the work of those such as Dr. McDougall that is getting the truth out. The creator of the Paleo diet and Dr. Campbell of China Study fame agree emphatically that dairy is bad for humans.

When Dr. Ornish reversed heart disease he eliminated dairy. When Dr. Essylstein reversed heart disease he eliminated dairy. When Dr. Ornish reversed prostate cancer, he eliminated dairy. Colin Campbell was able to turn cancer on or off by feeding rats a carcinogen and then adjusting the amount of casein (milk protein) in the diet. The largest epidemiological study ever(China Study) showed a direct relationship between dairy consumption and cancer (the more dairy, the more cancer).



Strange coincidences on the Joe Rogan podcast!


Judge who jailed fracking protesters with ‘excessive’ sentence has family links to oil and gas firm

by Louie Smith

Judge who jailed fracking protesters with ‘excessive’ sentence has family links to oil and gas firm

Louie Smith

A judge criticised for handing prison sentences to three fracking protesters has family links to the oil and gas industry.

Judge Robert Altham jailed Simon Blevins, 26, Richard Roberts, 36, and Richard Loizou, 31, over their demonstration at a Cuadrilla site.

The trio, known as the “Fracking Three”, are believed to be the first environmental activists to be imprisoned for public nuisance since 1932.

Critics have claimed the punishment was “manifestly excessive”. Now the Daily Mirror can reveal the Altham family business supplies the Irish Sea oil and gas industry.

J.C. Altham and Sons is believed to be part of the supply chain for energy giant Centrica, which has invested tens of millions of pounds in fracking.

Judge Altham’s sister, Jane Watson, put her name to an open letter in favour of fracking, which said, “It’s time to give shale a chance” and claimed it would create jobs.

The judicial code of conduct states a judge’s impartiality may be questioned if family members are “politically active” or have “financial interest” in the outcome of a case.

Lawyers for the protesters are trying to overturn their sentences. Loizou’s mum Sharron, 62, told the Mirror: “I was completely shocked when he was jailed, the sentence is incredibly harsh. We were expecting community service or a suspended sentence.

“It’s quite scary that in this country you can be jailed for a peaceful protest.”



WARNING! Everything That Uplines To The Rothschilds…..


Theresa May told to scrap ‘appalling’ fit-to-work assessments as nearly 50% of female claimants attempted suicide

May urged to ‘eradicate policies and circumstances that lead to people to believe that suicide is their only option’

Theresa May has been told to scrap “appalling” fit-to-work assessments after MPs raised a report in The Independent showing nearly one in two women trying to claim benefits had attempted suicide.

SNP’s Ian Blackford grilled the prime minister on “the impact of her government’s own social security policies” on people’s mental health after she made a public commitment to reduce the number of self-inflicted deaths.

He pointed to a report by The Independent, which said that attempted suicides among out-of-work disability benefit claimants have more than doubled since the introduction of fit-to-work assessments in 2008.

Mr Blackford used the weekly prime minister’s questions clash to challenge Ms May to agree to “eradicate policies and circumstances that lead to people to believe that suicide is their only option”.

He told MPs: “I’m glad the prime minister agrees with me because, as reported by The Independent, nearly one in every two women taking part in the UK government’s work capability assessment say they have attempted suicide after or during the process.

“A series of secret internal enquiries into these reveal that Conservative ministers were repeatedly warned of the policies shortcomings.

“Will the prime minister commit today to ensuring that her new minister of suicide looks at the impact of her government’s own social security policies and at long last scrap the appalling work capability assessment?”



This is your average fuckwit ChosenOne


California Diocese Releases Names of 34 Catholic Priests Accused of Child Sex Abuse

California’s Diocese of San Bernardino this week released 34 names of the Catholic priests it says have had credible allegations of child sexual abuse made against them since 1978. On Twitter, the church said it was “an action of transparency intended to promote healing.”

Some of the alleged incidents described next to the priests’ names date back to the 1960s. Many of the men have been permanently banned from ministry in the diocese or are deceased. Some priests were arrested or suspended, while others were reported to the religious order.

Church officials said 21 names previously appeared in the media, while 24 had been reported to the police. Five clergy members’ names have never been made public before.

The release comes after similar action by the Diocese of San Diego, which included the Diocese of San Bernardino until 1978, when they split. The San Diego diocese released the names of 51 priests “where the diocese has received a credible allegation involving sexual abuse of a minor.”

Bishop Gerald Barnes of San Bernardino posted a letter online following the Monday disclosure, urging any victims of abuse at the hands of a local priest to call a hotline number.

He said, “As we…come to grips with the past and present realities of the clergy sexual abuse crisis, I have made the decision to make public the names of all priests who have ministered in the Diocese of San Bernardino that have credible allegations of sexual abuse of a minor.”

He continued, “When we read this list, we are pained to think of the many lives that were impacted by the sinful and unlawful acts of those priests who committed them. Some will recognize names on this list, more will recognize the parish communities where they served. It makes this crisis more local to us and may increase our feelings of sadness and outrage.

“I repeat my past encouragement that if you or someone you know has been sexually abused by a church minister, including anyone you see on this list, please come forward and report it,” Barnes said.



So you’re saying you let that nurse inject me without even asking her…


Flat Earth – Would the government lie to you – SW168 Mark Sargent ✅

If you are new to Flat Earth, watch this first:…


Billionaire Boys and Their Faked Into “Space” Toys

Billionaire Boys Club of Freemason Affiliates are faking space rockets and collecting Billions and Billions from NASA aka our taxpayer money. This Vid/doc clearly shows just another Great Hoax being perp’d on all those without minds to think, eyes to see and hearts to feel the lies and deception that is everything Big business, NASA, Freemasons and their overlords, the Jesuits. Faux SpaceX landing on a ship platform in the Ocean… Impossible Physics of Space X 9 Jesuits; Rulers of Evil… Freemasons List of Important Figures in Recent History… The Freemasons… Secret Societies You’ve Never Heard Of But Should Know


Prince Harry Bodyguard Spared Jail for Child Abuse Images


13 US States Now Investigating Catholic Clergy Sex-Abuse Claims

Lawyer: ’99 percent of the cases are barred by the statute of limitations’

At least 13 states have announced they are investigating the clergy sexual-abuse allegations linked to the Roman Catholic Church in the United States.

The attorney general’s office in each of the 50 states and the District of Columbia were contacted by NBC News who found that nearly a third are currently either actively probing allegations of abuse by clergy or about to begin a statewide investigation.

Attorney generals have the power to subpoena catholic dioceses for documents of sex-abuse allegations. The list of states so far includes Arkansas, Florida, Kansas, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, and Vermont.

Steven Kelly, a lawyer with the national firm Sanford Heisler Sharp who represents child sexual-abuse victims by clergy among others in Baltimore, called the growing investigation a “step in the right direction” in an interview with The Epoch Times.

“The idea that the attorney general is investigating is I think a very good thing for our state, it gives survivors hope that the church might actually be punished for covering this stuff up,” he said.

Kelly, like other child abuse lawyers, said the biggest problem is that the statute of limitations blocks prosecutors from having the power to charge someone a certain number of years after a crime is committed. The statute of limitations is different in each state.

He said he encounters “many [upon] many” victims of church abuse.

“On average, at least three to five survivors per week have called me over the past 10 years and out of that number, 99 percent of the cases are barred by the statute of limitations. The most I can do is help the survivors report the crime and then guide them to counseling resources and so forth,” he said.



DITRH IFL Science 7 Things That Prove The Earth Is Flat, According To Flat Earthers


Utter contempt for suffering, for life! The casual callousness of animal agriculture.


COLD BLOOD EXECUTION Israa Abed a Palestinian girl was shot in cold blood by Israels army settlers

✴️COLD BLOOD EXECUTION Israa Abed: a girl was shot in cold blood by ‘s army & settlers while screaming: “Please-I don’t want to Die” Allegation: Suspiciously thought she was about carrying a stabbing attempt Findings: Was unarmed-only had sunglasses-money & ID


A nuclear state fighting against children. Israel forces kidnapping Palestinian children on their way to school in Hebron.


American Jewish youth visiting Israel were given maps that erased Palestine — one traveler called it into question


THIS WILL BLOW YOUR MIND! Dr. Bruce Lipton Shocked The World With His Discovery

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