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24 Aug 2018: Proof – Global Child Porn Industry runs the UK STATE, PARLIAMENT & LAW COURTS

24 Aug 2018: Proof – Global Child Porn Industry runs the UK STATE, PARLIAMENT & LAW COURTS…or or more accurately, the UK Child Porn Industry runs the Globe 1. Child Porn Industry in a Criminal Cover-up send Constable Roberts to an event outside the Ecuadorian Embassy on 4th April 2015 to arrest anyone on a …

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Nasa + SpaceX BOTH CANCEL This Years DEEP SPACE Missions!! | FE NEWS ep 6

Phil Stone says… Because its not possible. You’ll never get a man in deep space – it’s never happened and never will.

Church criticized for ‘improper’ ad: Now the priest goes to counterattack

by David Andersen Some enjoy the advertisement while others find it offensive. An ad for a church in Copenhagen has in recent days attracted a lot of attention to social media, where it causes both anxiety, contempt and cheerful amazement. The advertisement, made by Kingos Church in Nørrebro, shows a girl who is blessed by …

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Another Bioweapon ~ Patent for Chemtrailed Morgellon’s Disease


Alex Jones Exposed as Zionist Shill by YouTube Comments

Ex Nun Exposes Jesuits and Shares Remedies AN URGENT CALL TO ALL AMERICANS

Sister Keri Burnor’s story reveals the globalist agendas of human trafficking and genocide for all mankind by way of being tethered to AI systems, experiments, torture, etc., wherein the ultimate objective is to network the biological systems of man with a system of artificial intelligence, reducing humanity to a totally controllable status. This is being …

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Over 80,000 paedophiles are operating in Britain

Is ANY child safe online? Grooming, exploitation and blackmail – Home Secretary fires warnings over sexual predators and reveals over 80,000 paedophiles are operating in Britain The number of tips about child sex offenders has risen by a staggering 700% Home Secretary Sajid Javid has given a stark warning to British parents  Police record about …

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The Man Accusing Pope Francis “Does Seem to Have a Lot of Credibility”


Gnarls Barkley – Crazy LYRICS


Google Reportedly Bought Your Banking Data in Secret, and That’s Not Even the Bad News

Illustration: Adam Clark Estes (Gizmodo) by Adam Clark Estes In a post-capitalistic world that seems very specifically and violently designed to rip off the poor for the benefit of the rich, spending money is complicated. But at least, until recently, you could live without fear that some multibillion-dollar Silicon Valley giant would buy up your …

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A Bit Above the Heart

by Soren Dreier In the higher frequency of the Physical Heart, there is a realm you can step into. It is where the Physical Heart morphs into The Metaphysical Heart It is the ‘Realm of Soulful Alchemy’ where Heart merges with Mind, where thought escapes the Intellect and melts into ‘A Feel’. It is the …

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Here comes the Sun – Flat Earth Sun explained

Police Kill Actress Who Accused George Clooney of Sexual Harassment Cover-up

The Silent Children Documentary

Attack on Humanity Explained by Dr Edward Spencer

PhD Confirms Flat Earth

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