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California…Directed Energy Weapon

The Ancient Ones – Millions of Years Before the Anunnaki – clif high

Was the police attendance to Brian’s house a psychological operation . If so by who ?

Phil Stone Says… Was the police attendance to Brian’s house a psychological operation ? Yes – pretty obvious really. Did PIE & Mash have a hand ? MI5 definitely

5G is a Sterilization & Eugenics Program ~ Deborah Tavares

Phil Stone Says… 5G is the carrier, the variable data will be the mind control and manipulation.

DEW Lasers Confirmed Again. House Chopped in Half, WTF !?!

More Pedo arrests… and plenty more to come

Armchair Detective vs the McCanns + The Truth of the lie

Repeat Offending Pedo arrested again

Brian Harvey: Time for some truth this morning

Catholic Diocese Names Dozens Accused of Sexual Abuse in Pennsylvania

The Most Rev. Ronald Gainer, the Roman Catholic bishop of the diocese of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, discusses child sexual abuse by clergy during a news conference. (AP Photo/Mark Scolforo) A Roman Catholic bishop in Pennsylvania released the names on Wednesday, August 1, of 71 clergy members and seminarians accused of sexually abusing children since the 1940s, …

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*SHOCKING* Tommy Robinson helping and supporting paedophiles – SPEAKERS CORNER

George Soros, The Migrant Crisis, Silicon Valley & The AI Agenda

Police visit Brian Harvey to tell him there’s a serious threat to his life.

*New* Sikh Paedophile groomer caught – Raj Speakers Corner — how many more in hiding?

More Pedo’s captured

The Zionist Plan to Take Over the World

Spiritual Cleansing Music ➤ Transform All Negative Energy | Destroy Fear With 9 Healing Frequencies

Pedo Hunting…


Red Pill Phil Brian Harvey Interview One .

Israel using Pegasus spyware to eavesdrop on its own citizens

Marianne Azizi writes: The Supreme Court of Israel has denied a petition to unseal records under a certificate of state immunity. The petition alleged that the State of Israel uses Pegasus and similar spyware to monitor journalists and human rights activists. On 10 June 2018 Judge Neal Hendel said that once a certificate of immunity …

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Israeli intervention in US elections ‘vastly overwhelms’ anything Russia has done, claims Noam Chomsky

Veteran activist Noam Chomsky has accused Israel of “brazenly” interfering in US electoral politics in a way that vastly outweighs any efforts that may have been carried out by Russia. In comments in which he accused much of the media of concentrating on stories he considered marginal and ignoring issues such as the “existential threat” …

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