Julian Rose: ‘Synthetic Electric Shock’ From Electrification to 5G WiFi

by Julian Rose

We are by nature electric; but the man-made ‘synthetic’ variety, that apes nature’s version, is not helping us to live a full and healthy life, but is rather stultifying that condition. In fact Edison, Tesla et al. were not really doing the world a favour when they invented and put to use ‘synthetic electricity’ on this planet.

It is not that they didn’t mean well, no doubt they did, but the revolution that electric light first brought about, also took man a further step away from his origins as ‘a being of nature’.

In a medical hypothesis by Samuel Milham of Washington State Department of Health (2009) entitled “Historical evidence that electrification caused the 20th century epidemic of diseases of civilisation” Milham reveals that once Thomas Edison began electrifying New York City in 1880, the onward march of electrification correlated with sharp rises in cardiovascular disease, diabetes, suicide and cancer.

Whereas on farms and countryside areas which lagged a long way behind urban areas in acquiring electrification, incidences of such disease were barely ever seen. It was not until the 1950’s that the majority of US farms got hooked-up onto electrical power.

Somehow this information which has been known about for decades, never got into the public domain. Milham states “It seems unbelievable that mortality differences of this magnitude could go unexplained for over 70 years after they were first reported – and 40 years after they were first noticed.”

So, long before WiFi, cell phones, Dect’s and tablets hit the scene, thousands were already dying from sicknesses brought-on by living tight-up against electromagnetic currents. To be more precise, power frequency magnetic fields typically of 60 Hz output. Later on, the introduction of fluorescent light bulbs, halogen lamps, wireless routers and dimmer switches added significantly to the ‘dirty electricity’ already prevalent.

According to the author, in 1900 heart disease and cancer in the USA were 4th and 8th on the list of leading causes of death, and by 1940 heart disease had risen to 1st and cancer to 2nd place and have remained in that position ever since. The authors of a separate study of 1930 mortality statistics noted that the cancer rates for cities were 58.2% higher than those for rural areas; yet diets were very similar.

I am communicating this evidence in order to focus our minds on the background to the explosion of microwaved EMF ‘dirty electricity’ which first arrived on the scene around 30 years ago and which has grown exponentially ever since. To a point where some 2 billion people carry a mobile phone or similar device.

What all this appears to tell us is that ‘advanced’ technology and ‘un-advanced man’ present a very dangerous equation. Almost all forms of what are sometimes referred to as ‘sophisticated technologies’ have caused havoc in the hands of a population with an undeveloped appreciation of what such man made energetic devices actually do – to man, to nature and to the biosphere.

People – well beyond the age of childhood – still love toys. And for the boys, mechanical one’s in particular. A large number of adults, it seems, never develop the instinct that all animals have, to be wary of something they know nothing about. So instead of taking a precautionary approach, millions rush to buy the latest device which, they are informed, will make their lives so much more pleasurable, so much easier and so much more comfortable. For which – if one is using one’s wits –
one can substitute “so much more complicated, so much more stressful and so much more dangerous”.

But when corporations are in charge of planetary life and ever larger profits are the be and end all of existence, that other story is never available, except perhaps in the very small print. So much of mankind continues to walk into a trap, set by itself to imprison itself, while thinking it has found the new freedom. And this has never been more true than with the advent of the ‘smart phone’, ‘smart meter’, ‘smart watch’, ‘smart city’ – ‘smart everything’.

Yes, everybody wants to be ‘smart’; after all, smart accessories are fun, fashionable and cool, right? But you must first sacrifice your intelligence in order to have ‘fun’ in this toxic playground. In this world, there’s little doubt that you have to be stupid to be smart.

The paradox is making itself felt everywhere. It took half a century and millions of deaths to get a ban on cigarettes. How long will it take to get the same end with EMF’s?

If Barrie Trower, a world leading expert on electro magnetic microwave frequencies, is to be heeded – and there is very good reason to believe he should be – within less than a decade, a world wide ban of WiFi and all transmissions of EMF’s must be in place. If not, Barrie Trower warns that within 3 generations only 1in 8 children will be born healthy; and within 5 generations animals and insects will be wiped out. *

Today, just 27 minutes of a day of cell phone exposure leads to a 40% chance of developing cancer. Children pick-up 60% more radiation than adults, and because the blood-brain barrier only hardens after 20 years, the brain of children is highly susceptible.

The affect of 2 minutes on a cell phone lasts for 2 hours. The neurological disturbances involved mean it can take 6 weeks for brain patterns to return to normal for people using cell phones regularly. There are 64 peer reviewed papers linking cell phone use to cancer, and Russian research has revealed high rates of miscarriages and stillborns resulting from mothers who use cell phones during pregnancy.

WiFi is a weapon of war. It should never have been invented, let alone used, even for military purposes. It is now almost impossible to go anywhere where it is not active. The frequencies to be used in the present 5G roll-out involve a further drastic raising of the transmission levels already described above. 5G uses a frequency almost identical to that used by the US military police for intensive crowd control.

Arthur Firstenberg, author and administrator of the International Appeal ‘Stop 5G on Earth and in Space’ states “Despite widespread denial, the evidence that radio frequency (RF) radiation is harmful to life is already overwhelming. The accumulated clinical evidence of sick and injured human beings, experimental damage to DNA, cells and organ systems in a wide variety of plants and animals in large part caused by electromagnetic pollution – forms a literature of well over 10,000 peer reviewed studies.”

He continues “If the telecommunications industry’s plans for 5G come to fruition, no person, no animal, no bird, no insect and no plant on Earth will be able to avoid exposure, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, to levels of RF radiation that are tens of hundreds of times greater than what exists today, without ant possibility of escape anywhere on the planet.”

A number of professors from Jageillonian University Medical College in Krakow, Poland and the Janus Maxwell Institute for Electromagnetics Research, Krakow, co-writing a paper under the title ‘Electromagnetic Field Induced Biological Effects in Humans’ state: “The intensity of electromagnetic radiation in the human environment is increasing and currently reaches astronomical levels that have never before been experienced on our planet. In today’s maximum exposure, standard EMF’s are 10 ‘to the power of 15’ and 10 ‘to the power of 18’ times higher than the natural Earth electromagnetic field.. The current phase of environmental degradation
by artificial microwave frequency electromagnetic fields have become dangerous for biological life.
The most influential process of EMF impact on living organisms, is its direct tissue penetration.”

As our planet – and indeed all planetary life, including humans – reel under the attack of institutionalised toxic pollutants that are considered ‘essential’ for ‘economic growth and expansion’ we have cause to reflect on the nature of our disposition for self destruction.

It is a salutary exercise which I believe everybody, who still has the capacity to function humanly, needs to meditate on from time to time. Then one can assess how many features of this disease each of us contributes to in our daily lives. Then, providing one is capable of taking rational actions, one can start the process of detoxifying and regaining a level of internal balance through establishing and maintaining a direct connection with natural background resonance; The Schuman Resonance of 8.73 Hertz.

For it is here that we find balance, peace of mind and natural wisdom. It is the electricity of truth. Whereas the synthetic electricity which we have lived amongst for the past century, turns out to be a poor copy of this truth; a force essentially alien to our natural biology.

What one does with this information is up to each individual. But, if by the grace of God and sheer human guts, we manage to save this planet and ourselves, from the suicidal addictions that obsess us, then let us build a new society without the interference of that which fails to resonate with our deepest nature. For, not doing so, simply fast forwards oncoming death. Whereas to nurture our true rythmic relationship with the pulses and resonances of nature and of love, has the potential to make actual – the gift of eternal life.

* Barrie Trower interview with the author: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLVIbPtNrVo

Julian Rose is an international activist, writer, organic farming pioneer and actor. In 1987 and 1998, he led a campaign that saved unpasteurised milk from being banned in the UK; and, with Jadwiga Lopata, a ‘Say No to GMO’ campaign in Poland which led to a national ban of GM seeds and plants in that country in 2006. Julian is currently campaigning to ‘Stop 5G’ WiFi. He is the author of two acclaimed titles: Changing Course for Life and In Defence of Life and is a long time exponent of yoga/meditation. See Julian’s web site for more information and to purchase his books www.julianrose.info


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20,000 5G satellites to be launched sending DANGEROUS BEAMS of intense microwave radiation ACROSS THE WORLD

In local urban communities there would be a 5G cell tower approximately every 500 feet along every street. As bad as these small cell towers might seem from the standpoint of constant exposure to radio frequency (RF) radiation in close proximity to the source, perhaps an even more alarming prospect will be the beaming of millimeter length microwaves at the earth from thousands of new communication satellites.

5g satellites, 5G satellites, 5G satellites in space, 20,000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched Sending Focused Beams of Intense Microwave Radiation Over Entire Earth,
20,000 Satellites for 5G to be Launched Sending Focused Beams of Intense Microwave Radiation Over Entire Earth. By 5G Wireless Internet Service Satellite Signal 3d Illustration

Public attention about 5G has been focused on the plans of telecom companies to install millions of small cell towers on electric utility poles, on public buildings and schools, on bus stop shelters, in public parks, and anywhere they want in national parks and on federally owned land.

In local urban communities there would be a 5G cell tower approximately every 500 feet along every street.

But perhaps an even more alarming prospect will be the beaming of millimeter length microwaves at the earth from thousands of new communication satellites.

The FCC gave approval to SpaceX on March 29, 2018, to launch 4,425 satellites into low orbit around the Earth.

The total number of satellites that is expected to be put into low and high orbit by several companies will be 20,000 satellites.

5G will use Phased Array Antennas to shoot beams of radiation at cell phones

These satellites will use the same type of phased array antennas as will be used by the ground-based 5G systems.

This means that they will send tightly focused beams of intense microwave radiation at each specific 5G device that is on the Earth and each device will send a beam of radiation back to the satellite.

Previous generations of RF cellular communication used large antennas to send a blanket of radiation in all directions. The lower frequencies they used and the broad distribution of microwaves limited the numbers of cellular devices that could connect through an individual tall tower.

The much shorter length microwaves used for 5G will make it possible to use small phased array antennas to send and receive signals.

Phased array antennas consist of clusters of hundreds of tiny antennas that work together to shoot a ray of energy at a target just like a bullet. A cluster of these tiny antennas can be arranged in a 4 inch by 4 inch matrix.

The rays of microwaves they produce will be strong enough to pass through walls and human bodies. If they were not strong enough to do this, then everyone with a 5G smartphone would have to stand outside when using the devices.

Each 5G product will also have multiple phased array antennas which will be used to create a powerful beam of radiation back to the 5G devices mounted on electrical utility poles or toward a specific satellite in space.

These beams of radiation will also need to be strong enough to pass through walls and human flesh such as a hand or head to reach the intended destination.

This means that if you are in a crowded location, such as an airport or on a train, there will be hundreds if not thousands of invisible beams of radiation flying through the environment at the speed of light.

As people move in that environment, their bodies will be penetrated by numerous beams of radiation as they walk or as other people walk around them with their 5G smartphones.

5G phones will be much more powerful than previous phones

The effective radiated power of the 5G phased array antennas in phones will be 10 times more powerful than 4G phones.

No one will be free from exposure.



Spotlight on UK Zionist bullyboy Steve Silverman

Steve Silverman

By Devon Nola*

1.an organization set up to provide help and raise money for those in need.
2.kindness and tolerance in judging others.
synonyms: goodwill · compassion · consideration · concern · kindness · kindliness · [more]

What kind of a person would write the following about singer Susan Boyle?

You wouldn’t expect that sound to come out of someone that looks like her. Deliberately brought on stage looking and behaving like someone you’d cross the street to avoid…

For those who don’t know Susan Boyle, she is a woman who got her start as a professional singer as a contestant on Simon Cowell’s talent-search show, “Britain’s Got Talent”. The plain looking middle-aged woman shocked the entire judging panel and the audience when she boldly, confidently and quite melodically delivered her rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream”.

The way she is described in the quote above is disturbing. To add insult to injury, the quote comes from self-proclaimed music teacher, Steve Silverman, who also happens to be the Director of Investigations and Enforcement of the British “charity”, Campaign Against Anti-Semitism (CAA). They certainly don’t reflect the kindness or tolerance typically associated with a charity officer.

Terrorising British citizens and political institutions

The CAA is a Zionist pressure group that calls itself a charity. It enjoys all the perks of charity status, such as tax breaks. However, on close inspection, there is very little about the CAA that resembles a charity other than fundraising. Its most prolific activity seems to be terrorising British citizens and political institutions. The campaigns against Jeremy Corbyn, Ken Livingston, and the Labour Party have been relentless. The CAA also has quite a sweet tooth for attacking musicians. Essentially, anyone who seems to be mildly critical of Israel will be subject to its wrath and it’s all done in the name of fighting anti-Semitism.



Channeling & Spiritual Inferiority

A question that has recently come into view for this writer is – why the obsessive pursuit of communication with unknown entities of unverifiable status, to the exclusion of the exploration of our own mysterious and marvellous spiritual anatomy? Or to put it it more succinctly – why aren’t we interested in channeling our selves?

As a topic of inquiry and exploration, what could be more fascinating than the vary nature of our own beings? Why are we suffering from what appears to be a form of extreme spiritual inferiority? And what is the motivation behind this apparent obfuscation of our own true spiritual identities?

This article is an attempt to provide some clarification on the complex and multi-layered topic of channeling – and to suggest a Human based alternative to the whole edifice. Part one gives a quick overview of the subject, while part two considers an alternative.

Part 1

The channeling of entities and beings has become a culturally mainstream phenomenon. When given a cursory glance it can appear to be a straight forward phenomenon – where certain “gifted” or chosen individuals communicate with disembodied entities, or more usually, allow those entities to speak through them.

The acceptance of channeling by the new-age movement is now pretty much unquestioned. Historically, channeling can be found in the abrahamic religions, in the form of speaking in tongues, divine guidance, the voice of god and angels etc. The term “channeling” is however, disavowed by the churches as it is likely to be considered a form of possession.

What we are really seeing are two forms of “channeling” – religious and secular. Secular (non-religious/church) channeling freely appropriates from any and all religions, spiritual and cultural traditions, while religious channeling maintains a strict canon that differentiates it from the secular world, and other religions. For the church, any channeling that occurs outside of the congregation and the direct oversight of the priest class, is likely to be termed the work of the devil, or one of his minions.

The new-age on the other hand freely channels angels, saints, nature beings, plants, animals, inanimate objects, planets etc etc. This free association could be attributed to the animism of the shamanic traditions, but this is only a partial explanation.

Occultism is closely associated with channeled beings and entities – with Satanism, Luciferianism and Demonism lying at one extreme, and a long list of other occult traditions taking up the middle ground. New-Age “lite” promotes itself at the user-friendly end of the range with the likes of Ramtha and the Pleiadians.

The UFO-contactee phenomenon sits in uncomfortable proximity to the new-age. The degree of conflation between all of these traditions is extreme. Was Jesus an alien in a spaceship? Will the Grays rescue us from a global environmental apocalypse? Are aliens demonic? Religion, the new-age, the occult and UFOlogy seem to be intertwined in a morass of overlapping claims – sometimes in agreement, sometimes in conflict, mostly attempting to carve out their own territory.

To further complicate and obfuscate the topic, the Western mental health profession has labelled the hearing of voices a serious mental illness. The distinction between “healthy” channeling, and schizophrenia is a fraught and murky business. Western culture struggles to accept the idea of a spiritual emergency or a shamanic break. Many of those who in earlier times would have been our shamans and healers, are consigned to psyche wards and medication.

Secular channeling has played a powerful role in the shaping of the Western world – in a surreptitious and often hidden (occulted) manner. Queen Elizabeth the First consulted the occultist and channeller John Dee. A couple of contemporary and well known examples include; Security state ties to the Yale Skull and Bones occult group – with the “skull and bones” said to belong to the Native American Indian leader Geronimo. How ghastly on so many levels!

NASA activities have been influenced by the Nazi Thule Society via German scientists brought to the U.S under Operation Paperclip, at the end of WW2. NASA also facilitated Buzz Aldrin’s performance of a Masonic ritual during the first moon landing. Jack Parsons, founder of the eponymous JPL was an Aleister Crowley understudy – as was L Ron Hubbard for a short time. Crowley famously channeled the grey alien look-alike Lam.

MK-Ultra mind control victims were traumatised into extreme states of dissociation, providing fertile ground for the appearance of entities and possession. Cathy O’Brien gives a full and detailed account in her autobiography. Some elite families are associated with knowledge conferred by channeled entites and occultism. Stanley Kubrick’s “Eyes Wide Shut” runs right up to the jaggedy edge on that topic.

One final example, which may be of more general interest. The current state of Egyptology and archaeological research on the Giza plateau is profoundly influenced by channeling. The “sleeping profit” Edgar Cayce channeled information while in a trance state, some of which described secret chambers below the Sphinx. His organisation, the Association for Reseach and Enlightenment (A.R.E) has sponsored the education and training of two of the pivotal figures in modern Egyptology – Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass. The latter being a powerful gatekeeper, having until recently, total control over who has access to the Giza plateau, and what research is undertaken on the ground.



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Phil Stone says…

I can go along with your video’s and share them – but if you keep on with the religious stuff – its a huge turn off and your message won’t get shared. Shame because its on point except for the indoctrinated bible bashing. You are “Christian” (enter your religion here) simply because of where you were born or what your parents are. You subscribe to (enter your book here) for the same reasons. It is a form of divide and conquer. You will eventually come to see this in your own time. I am not having a go at you, I’m pointing out a fact, so if you can tone down the book waving you’ll reach a much larger audience with your important observations.




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