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Take Action: Stop Arming Israel

Act now to Stop Arming Israel. Help increase the pressure on the UK government to end its arms trade with Israel and its complicity in Israel’s occupation and war crimes. 1. Email your MP to demand a two-way arms embargo against Israel. 2. Order campaign materials and book a speaker. 3. Target the companies profiting from Israel’s occupation. Find …

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Scientists Baffled After Finding 10th Century Medicine that Kills Antibiotic-Resistant ‘Superbug’

by Jay Syrmopoulos London, U.K. – An ancient Anglo-Saxon potion, used to treat eye infections in the 10th-century, has shown the potential to eradicate the modern MRSA superbug, according to research. The ancient remedy was uncovered in the British Library in a leather-bound edition of what is considered one of the earliest known medical textbooks, Bald’s …

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Evidence of Organized Pedophilia and Child-Trafficking Implicates Governments, Media, Churches and Charities

By Sonya Van Gelder | Guest Writer for Wake Up World In my recent article, Suppressed Pedophilia Allegations Reveal Culture of Satanic Ritual Abuse, I discussed the story of the Hampstead child-abuse whistleblowers, 9 year old Hampstead girl Alisa and her 8 year old brother Gabriel, whose testimony of abuse at the hands of their father and the …

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Nuclear Chemist Publishes Groundbreaking Paper With Details About: “Aluminum Poisoning Of Humanity Via Geoengineering”

by Arjun Walia Within the past couple of years alone, the concept of geoengineering has sparked a growing  interest (which seems to be accelerating at a rapid rate) within the academic world. It’s also ignited a heavy interest in policy making, which is no surprise given the fact that we are talking about “geoengineering” the entire global climate …

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Gazpacho – A Most Wonderful Soup

by Soren Dreier As some may know, I currently live in Andalusia in the south of Spain. We had one very powerful heatwave, folks here say it’s been the hottest May in 50 years, following the coldest winter in many years. El Nino is doing its job. The Spanish authorities are a bit concerned about the heatwave …

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Greece Again Can Save The West

Like Marathon, Thermopylae, Plateau and Mycale roughly 2,500 years ago, Western freedom again depends on Greece. Today Washington and its empire of European vassal states are playing the part of the Persian Empire, and belatedly the Greeks have formed a government, Syriza, that refuses to submit to the Washington Empire. Few people understand that the …

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Tom Campbell: 15 key discoveries

Tom Campbell In this video, Tom Campbell discusses 15 of the key discoveries that helped him arrive at a single, overarching model of reality and existence (My Big TOE). Tom’s website and forum: http://www.mybigTOE.com  

Thousands Protest Anti-Rally ‘Gag Law’ In Spain


Toxic Tap Water, Anna Bragga’s New Documentary on Water Fluoridation In The Town Of Bedford.

Toxic Tap Water: Bedford’s Battle Against Water Fluoridation … THE MOVIE

Her Majesty found guilty by Belgian Court over missing British Columbia minors

In the second week of May 2014, British soldier Vivian Cunningham was drugged and institutionalized against his will. Apparently, his “crime” on May 6 was daring to ask superiors about Queen Elizabeth’s outstanding arrest warrant. The order to arrest Queen Elizabeth was issued in 2013 by six judges of the International Common Law Court of …

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The west normalised racist wars and thinks 1000lb bombs will solve Syria and Iraq

by Frankie Boyle The United States record of invasions, assassinations and government overthrows is racist, says comedian Frankie Boyle. I SUPPOSE that whether this article prompted by the Charleston shootings feels topical enough will depend on whether America has another mass shooting before it goes to print. If you’re in the US, there’s a fair …

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Dr Helen Wallace Director of Gene Watch.org about winning the battle against Monsanto and genetically modified food

Jason Liosatos Outside The Box My talk with Dr Helen Wallace Director of Gene Watch.org about the winning battle against Monsanto and genetically modified food, as more and more countries and people say no to GMO crops and products, realizing the truth that GMO crops are being scientifically proved to be a very serious and …

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London Has Fallen – Official Teaser Trailer – In Cinemas Early 2016


Exposing The Head Of The Snake & The Most Evil Cult In The World ~ Christopher Everard


Man Serves Food To The People Of Gaza With A Solar Powered Oven

by John Vibes Khaled Bashir, a Palestinian man from Deir al Balah in the Gaza Strip is helping his neighbors cook fresh, hot food with a DIY solar-powered oven.Sadly, the residents of Gaza face daily food and water shortages, along with constant power outages, which make it nearly impossible to complete the average day-to-day tasks …

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Brian Gerrish interviews child abuse survivor and Nottingham Beechwood children’s home whistleblower Melanie Shaw.

Brian Gerrish interviews child abuse survivor and Nottingham Beechwood children’s home whistleblower Melanie Shaw. Recently released from HMP Peterborough where she suffered nearly 6 months in solitary confinement, was denied medical treatment and was subjected to significant bullying and harassment, Melanie has also been harassed by Nottingham police. [more…]  

David Icke Puts events in Tunisia, France and Greece into Context, On The Richie Allen Show


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