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The steel crisis is exposing Cameron’s total disdain for working people in Britain

If Tata Steel sells off its UK plants, 40,000 people will lose their jobs and whole communities will go to the wall. Instead of stepping up to take control of the crisis, David Cameron’s government has dithered – not because it was unprepared, but simply because it doesn’t care. When 15,000 steel workers found out they …

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The Fake ‘Choice’: God or Non-Existence – The David Icke Videocast


Verge of Revolution: The Story You Aren’t Being Told About the Brazilian Uprising

by Clarice Palmer | ANTIMEDIA São Paulo, Brazil — As online publications have hailed the major protests overtaking the streets of Brazil at the outset of an apparent political revolution, few discuss the problems that have been brewing for decades in South America’s largest nation. While Brazilians are angry and tired of their economic hardships, they …

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Told She Would Die, Canadian Mom Credits Cannabis Oil for Surviving Cancer

by Phillip Schneider, Staff | Waking Times Doctors told her to prepare to die, but she took cannabis oil instead. It was 2009 when Canadian Cheryl Pearson was misdiagnosed by the Canadian medical system with multiple sclerosis (MS), and for the following four years, she believed MS was the reason behind her rapidly declining health …

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Vanessa Beeley “US & British Govts Are As Guilty As Saudi Arabia For The Slaughter In Yemen!”


HUMANITY vs INSANITY #67 : Joining the Terror Dots


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